What You Need to Know About Wedding Dress Alterations

Anyone who’s ever been a bride will tell you that getting your wedding dress altered can be a stressful process. Alterations are rarely as simple as taking your dress to one tailor and letting them do their work; in many cases, getting the dress to fit you just right can take weeks or even months. In order to help you avoid unnecessary stress leading up to your big day, here’s a quick guide to the process of wedding dress alterations.

First and Foremost: Start Early
The best thing you can do to ease the stress of wedding dress alterations is to buy your dress well in advance. The reason this is so important is that oftentimes, a dress will need to be altered several times to get it to fit perfectly, and more complex alterations can take as long as two to four months. This is why many seasoned wedding planners or bridal salons will encourage you to decide on your wedding dress as early as eight or nine months in advance.

Schedule Multiple Fittings
A common mistake first-time brides make is to think that one successful fitting and alteration cycle means they’re good to go. Unless your fitting is done last minute, which is not recommended, you’ll actually want to schedule two or three fittings throughout the months leading up to the wedding to account for possible fluctuations in your weight. It’s also best to schedule your last fitting at least one month ahead of the wedding to give your tailor adequate time to make any final alterations.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Salon Alteration Services
Many bridal salons, especially higher-end ones, offer dress alteration services to customers, but that doesn’t mean you should immediately take them up on their offer. In fact, there’s a good chance that an independent tailor or seamstress in your area will do the job just as well while charging you less. Instead of accepting your bridal salon’s services without a second thought, try shopping around online to find the best prices.

Save Room in Your Budget
When drawing up your wedding preparation budget, don’t forget to include the estimated cost of alterations as well as the cost of the dress itself. Complex alterations often cost several hundred dollars or more, so forgetting to account for them in your budget can be a costly mistake.

Choosing a wedding dress already causes brides enough stress, so there’s no need for alterations to make it even more stressful. As long as you follow the advice detailed above, you can keep your dress alteration process as simple, efficient and stress-free as possible. Just remember to start early, schedule multiple fittings and compare the prices of different tailoring services.