The Top 5 Summer Styles for Children in 2016

Each year, the styles for children seem to change from one extreme to another. It could be bright colors one season and subtle colors in plaid prints the next. For the summer of 2016, there are a few surprises in regards to the styles that children might be seen in, some that are a little more conservative than adults imagined.

One of the top styles for the summer is the athletic look. This could be in the form of shorts, tighter shirts or tennis shoes. It’s all about getting healthy or giving the impression that you’re active. Bright colors on athletic clothing are also a big hit, especially pink, blue and yellow.

The natural look is in for 2016. Anything that features items that can be found in nature will be seen on clothing. Whether it’s butterflies on a dress or an ant on a log on a shirt, if it can be found outside, then it’s going to be found on children’s clothing during the summer. Lighter colors coordinate with the natural themes, showcasing a conservative approach when it comes to designs. The patterns are often simple and very detailed, especially in the way of flowers and butterflies.

Under the Sea
Life under the sea never looked so appealing. This is a fun style for 2016 with younger children. You’ll find several outfits that feature shorts of plain colors and shirts with designs that include seashells, fish and coral. Most of the designs are simple, but there is a lot of color that can be seen. Orange and purple are big hits with the sea theme.

Fairy Tales
For both boys and girls, the fairy tale theme will likely run rampant in 2016. This is in part to some of the movies scheduled to be released in the summer, such as “Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass.” There will be a lot of natural and pastel colors associated with the theme. Boys will see more in the way of some of the bugs and birds that have to do with fairy tales.

When you update the wardrobe, it only makes sense to update the hairstyle. Straight hair will be in for the summer of 2016. The length of the hair doesn’t really matter as long as it’s straight. The Bob is also back in style. This is a short look that is completely straight, framing the face in a fashionable way.