The Major Differences Between Compressor and Engine Oil

There are a variety of different types of oil. Compressor oil and engine oil are two types that are made from a mineral oil that has been purified. There’s an extensive process that goes into the production of both compressor and engine oils that is purposed to improve the oil’s viscosity. Let’s take a closer look at how these oils are different.

Compressor oil is often used for different applications, such as air compressors, among others. The main purpose is to lubricate the compressor, including its different components, like the cylinder and bearings. There are different types of compressor oils on the market, including a synthetic version. The compressor oils that are most commonly used include 30W ISO100 and 20W ISO68. The primary reason why compressor oil is used is because it enhances the functionality of your machinery.

When it comes to differentiating between compressor oil and engine oil, the primary elements that should be considered are the cleaning agents contained in engine oil. Compressor oil is manufactured and it doesn’t have cleaning agents. One of the benefits of a manufactured oil is that it reduces the amount of carbon that’s stored in a compressor.

The primary purpose of engine oil is to prevent friction by providing a barrier between the different components of an engine. It also prevents wear and keeps all of the parts moving with ease. This is accomplished by ensuring there is no metal-to-metal contact between the different parts. Engine oil is essential for keeping a vehicle cool during warm weather through the absorption of heat. Part of the process includes lubricating piston rings.

When it comes to choosing between engine oil and compressor oil, it’s important to keep in mind that engine oil contains detergent, which is a great option for an internal combustion. However, it’s not as good for a compressor. Although it’s fine to use in an emergency, it’s not the best option. One of the problems with engine oil is that it can cause the build up of carbon, which can occur relatively quickly.

Another consideration when choosing oil is the recommendation of manufacturers. Compression manufacturers often have warranty guidelines that dictate the use of compressor oils. There are even some instances when not using a compressor oil will result in the warranty no longer being valid.

If there are no warranty requirements and you absolutely need to use engine oil, it can be fine as long as you choose one that doesn’t have detergent. It’s not uncommon for people to use engine oil because sometimes it’s just a matter of convenience. Nevertheless, it’s always best to use the type of oil that’s recommended by the manufacturer.