The Benefits of a Prepaid Phone for a Child

Whether or not to buy a child a cell phone is one of the most complex decisions that modern parents make. Growing up as a millennial meant enjoying hours of childhood reading books and having outdoor adventures, so naturally this youngest age group of parents is reluctant to shorten childhood imagination through the use of cellular devices. As the world continues to become more globalized and connected, however, many parents are seeing a benefit in ensuring that their small children have cell phones for a number of reasons. If this decision is something you are currently struggling with, here are 4 benefits of a prepaid phone for a child.

1. The ability to cancel a prepaid phone plan allows you to have ultimate control over your child’s phone needs.

Unlike a contracted phone plan, a prepaid phone plan allows you to pay just enough for the essentials. If you would like your child to only have access to phone use without internet, a prepaid plan allows this option. This way, parents can customize an experience for their child’s specific needs.

2. Prepaid phones encourage parents to avoid the trappings of modern smart phones.

Lets face it. Smart phones are a huge hindrance to a child’s progress for most parents. As technologically advanced as these devices are, the provide easy access to undesirable websites and an almost endless array of gaming activities for children to waste valuable time on. With prepaid plans, parents are encouraged to purchase basic cell phones because the price of smartphones without contracts are so high. This can be extremely beneficial to a child receiving his or her first cell phone.

3. Prepaid phones can help teach children about responsible phone use before they are ready for a contract plan.

It is important for children to learn basic phone etiquette before entering a phone contract. Prepaid phones can teach them these skills for a low monthly fee as they prepare for lifelong phone use.

4. Prepaid phones can provide an additional sense of safety for children when they are away from home.

Many parents want to purchase a phone for children for the added safety feature of personal tracking. With a prepaid device, children can be safely monitored through several applications to provide the parent with a sense of ease while they are away. Unlike a contracted phone, these tracking capabilities can be removed at the parents’ discretion.

While the decision to purchase a cell phone for a child can be a very difficult one for any parent, prepaid options help to make it easier. Advanced features are helpful and can be purchased as needed for prepaid phones. Additionally, prepaid phone plans can always be cancelled when parents decide that it is time for their child to advance to a contracted option!