How to Prepare Your House to Sell

Selling your house can be an overwhelming task. Everybody wants a fast sale with top profits. Whether you’ve already bought another home, or you need this home to sell to purchase makes no difference, you want things to move quick. Before you list your abode, here are five tips to help you prepare.

1. Get an Expert Evaluation

You can sell your home, or you can ask a realtor to step in and do the work. However, you need an expert evaluation based on the market. Knowing what price point to list at can be the first hurdle. If your price your home too high it wont sell. On the other hand, if you price it too low, you could be cutting your profits short. Looking at comps in the area and speaking with a realtor will give you a base for a decent price point in which to sell.

2. De-Personalize The Space

Your home is full of precious memories and mementos from your family. However, if you want a buyer to connect with the space, then you need to remove all your personalized items. Focus on creating a space that allows them to envision themselves in the home. If they look around and see all your chachkies, it’s harder for them to connect with the space.

3. Clean Up That Curb Appeal

Many people drive by homes before they make an appointment to view the inside. They look at the curb appeal and the neighborhood. While you cannot do anything about your neighbors, you can make your home attractive. Remember the old saying, you won’t get another chance to make a first impression. If your home has clutter and overgrown bushes outside, you may not get a second look. Focus on the little things for a big impact.

4. Kitchen and Bath Facelift

You should set aside some money to freshen up your kitchen and bathrooms. These two rooms can make or break your sale. Even if you don’t have money for a complete remodel, you can paint and liven up the space. Make sure there is not a bunch of clutter on counters and light fixtures are up to date. It’s a proven fact that kitchens and bathrooms will sell your home. If people see a bunch of work needed in these areas, they may be less likely to offer top dollar.

5. Clear Your Schedule

If you don’t use a realtor, you will need to be available at a moment’s notice to sell your home. Be flexible in your terms, especially if someone needs a quick close. Also, if you are using a realtor, you will need to vacate the home for showings. The real estate market is fickle. You may make a quick sale and be moving faster than you ever dreamed. Consequently, you may need to sit tight, lower the price, and revamp a few things to get your place sold.

Selling your home takes real effort and you will be inconvenienced for a short while. However, there’s nothing better than getting top dollar for your home and walking away with some cash in your pocket. By following these tips, your abode can go from listed to sold.