How to Pack For Family Outdoor Adventure

There’s nothing like spending time outdoors with your family whether it’s at a park, on a hiking trail, or at another location you enjoy. Before you leave home, there are a few things that you want to pack in a bag that’s easy to carry on your back or on your shoulder while you’re outside. If you plan on walking for the duration of your adventure, avoid putting too much in your bag as it can become too heavy to carry for a long period of time.

Choosing A Bag
The first thing that you need to find before going on your outdoor adventure is a bag that is large enough to hold everything you plan to take. A bag with pockets is a good option so that you can carry keys, your wallet, and other small items without them getting lost in the main portion of the bag. You want to get a bag that has wide straps for the shoulders and plenty of padding for your back to provide enough support for carrying the bag over long distances.

Emergency Supplies
You never know when something could happen when you’re outdoors. Get a small first-aid kit, or make your own with bandages and medications in case someone gets injured or becomes ill. You should also pack a cloth that is brightly colored in case you get lost outside. The brighter color will make it easier for others to see you and come to your aid. Make sure your phone is completely charged and that you let someone know where you’re headed and when you plan to get back.

Snacks And Water
Take at least one water bottle for each person. Snacks should be healthy and full of protein so that muscles have the energy they need for walking outside. If you plan to take your dog on the adventure with your family, then you should pack a small bowl for water and a small bag of food for him as well.

Bug Spray
One of the things that you need to have on hand while you’re outside for an extended time is bug repellent. If possible, wear pants that you can tuck into your shoes to keep bugs from getting on your skin. Spray your skin about 30 minutes before heading outdoors so that it can settle into your pores. Try to use a spray that has sunscreen in it to prevent getting burned.

A trip outdoors with your family is often something that you might need after a few long days or weeks at school or at work. However, you need to know how to prepare for the adventure so that you’re safe. While you’re outside, capture a few pictures to remember the trip until you’re ready for the next one.