How to Identify Marijuana Leaf Issues

Marijuana comes from the flowering plant Cannabis. As with any plant, leaf issues may arise if basic requirements are not met for the sustained growth. If you are trying to diagnose issues that may be arising with your plants, first consider the environment in which they are being grown. With traditional growing operations, soil is used. However hydroponics is utilized in some instances.
The soil that is used needs to have a sufficient mix of nutrients. Not having enough nutrients can make the plant look sickly or yellow. The nutrients that are required are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Over time, the soil will lose nutrients due to the plant leaching them out and some washing through the soil with watering. Fertilizer can be used to help replace those lost nutrients. You need to take some caution when adding fertilizer because it can burn the roots of the plant or even make the soil too acidic. This can result in the plant becoming sick or dying off.
If the plant has an overall yellow appearance, it may be caused by the temperature being too warm, improper lighting, or that the roots have outgrown the container. If only the new leaves are yellowing, this can be due to not enough light, not having enough iron, or even over fertilizing. When the established leaves are yellowing, this is caused by a lack of nutrients, too much water, problems with root growth or the roots rotting. It could also be the life cycle of the plant.
If the leaves have a spotted appearance, this can be due to a fungal, bacterial or viral infection. When just the tips of the leaves are dying back, this is due to over fertilizing and overwatering of the plants. If the leaves are brittle, this can be due to lacking key nutrients. Check the bottom of the leaves to see if there are spider web like substances; if this is the case, then it is a mite infestation. If the leaves have a grey powdery substance, it is powdery mildew. Patchy black growth is sooty mold. Many of these conditions arise from overwatering and in general poor health of the plants. Leaves that are too small is because of having poor lighting conditions. It could also be due to the incorrect amount of nutrients available in the soil. Wilted leaves can be due to watering issues or rot that has occurred in the root ball.
There are lots of issues that can occur with plants that don’t have the basic requirements met. If your cannabis plant has leaf issues, start by investigating the three most common causes; soil nutrients, lighting and watering practices.