How to Hit Your Fitness Goals: 5 Key Things

Do you have any fitness goals for yourself? Many people are looking for ways to get stronger, faster and healthier overall. In fact, the number one New Year’s resolution that people in the United States make each year is to lose weight.

Of course, losing weight and getting stronger and leaner is not something that can happen overnight. If you have fitness goals that you want to meet, you need to start developing some key habits.

1. Develop an action plan

The first thing you need to do is develop an action plan. You cannot start with an action plan that simply says you want to get fitter and healthier. This is too vague of a goal.

Instead, you need to set specific goals for yourself. For example, if you want to lose weight, how much weight do you want to lose? Do you have a goal date in mind? If you want to get stronger, in what areas of your body do you want to gain more muscle mass? Spell out what you want from your fitness goals, and choose dates to achieve your goals as well.

2. Know what you’re eating and how it’s either helping or hurting you

Even though exercise is a large part of getting fit, what you eat counts as well. Make sure you are eating your fruits and vegetables as well as lean protein and lots of whole-grain fiber. Keep track of your food with a food diary each day.

3. Find a way to keep good track of your progress

The number one thing you need to do in order to develop a habit is to track your progress. Without observing and monitoring what you are doing, you can never see how far you’ve come as you take action to achieve your goal. And seeing how far you’ve come is vital to your progress because it helps you stay motivated, which leads us to our next key habit to form.

4. Stay motivated during the process

Setting a goal may seem like a good idea on a day when you are feeling bad about yourself or when you just up and decide that you want to get fitter. But remember, in order to achieve your goal, you are going to need to stay motivated throughout the entire process because if your motivation starts waning, your goal will never be achieved. To keep your motivation going strong, hang quotes or pictures of what you want to look like around your house, and keep a list of reminders near by.

5. Invite a buddy to take the journey with you

Consider asking a partner or friend to join the fitness journey with you. Having someone at your side will help keep you motivated, and it will also make the process a whole lot more fun.