How to Get Your House Ready for the Home Inspection

Home inspection is a process that could easily mess up your sale. The results of the report can make the buyer rethink the deal and possibly even choose not to go ahead with the purchase. In some places, the buyer has the right to pay for a professional home inspection if they are not satisfied with the report they receive. In both cases, it is best to have your house ready for the inspection.


Here are some tips to help get your house ready:


1. Clear Critical Paths


Having some blocked areas in the house is common, but they need to be cleared when you’re trying to sell the home. The inspector will need to see the attic, the air conditioning units, the basement and the rooms. If a path is blocked, they may fail to give a report of a particular part of the house, and this will raise suspicion on the part of the buyer. To prevent this, make sure all critical paths are cleared.


2. Clean the House


Like many other people, inspectors will be critical and negative if they have to go to a dirty house. The house and compound need to be neat for the inspection. People often forget to clean the roofing and gutter. These should be cleaned using a broom or blower. Pressure washers should only be used when extremely necessary.


For the compound, also remember to trim the trees. Usually, the inspectors start from the outside, and that is where they get their first impression of the house.


3. Fix or Replace Anything That’s Broken


You should make sure all windows are in perfect condition, especially those of the bedrooms. Even minor cracks on windows and walls can affect the report. Over time, windows and doors can expand and fail to close properly. It is a good idea to check them out before the inspection is done.


Also, your bulbs and switches should be working perfectly. If a bulb is broken, the inspector will not be able to determine whether there is a serious underlying problem. For this reason, you should make sure all burnt out bulbs are replaced.


In case you need anything fixed, make sure you hire a professional. If you hire an amateur, you could easily get substandard services and end up with a poor inspection report.


4. Exterminate Pests


Infestations in the house are also recorded in the inspection report. If you have pests in the house, be sure to contact the exterminator as soon as possible


Home inspection is an important step in the selling of a house. The report will give the potential buyer valuable information on the state of the home, and this will significantly influence their buying decision. Make sure you follow these tips to get a great inspection report.