How To Create The Perfect DIY Backdrop for Birthday Parties

DIY photo booths allow you to play up the decorating theme you’ve chosen for birthday party and add an element of fun to the celebration, too. This element also allows you to cover more territory on the picture front. While your photographer is taking formal photos of the birthday party, your guests can ham it up for a few selfies in front of the party backdrop. If you’re interested in creating a DIY backdrop for your birthday party, here are a few easy tips to follow to get yourself started.

1. Choose the Right Location

Where you situate your backdrop has a big impact on how successful this part of your event will be. An article on The Knot suggests that you find a place for the photo booth/ backdrop that is both out of the main flow of traffic, but still easy enough for guests to find.

If you’re having the party inside, then some possible places could include a spare bedroom or walk-in closet. If you’re having your party outside, then opt for a corner of the yard, where you can take advantage of your fence. A garage or outdoor studio is an excellent option as well.

2. Choose a Theme

Many birthday parties have a them, and your backdrop can reflect that theme. Some cool party themes for your DIY backdrop include:

  • A literary backdrop: Make this by hanging up a large piece of burlap or butcher paper. Then, tear out the pages of old books that you find at yard sales. (Be sure to choose interesting-looking pages.) Tack or tape them onto the backdrop.
  • A pinwheel backdrop: Buy some foldable fans and open them all the way up. Tape the two ends together. Stick them onto the wall; they’ll look like a backdrop of pinwheels.
  • A confetti balloon backdrop: Fill up some balloons with colorful confetti. Tie the balloons closed and tape them to the wall. Or have them filled with helium after you’ve put the confetti inside. Tie them to strings and tack the strings to the wall.
  • A simple streamer backdrop: Get several rolls of crepe paper. Be sure to choose different colors. Make your streamer wall by affixing one end to the top of the wall. Twist the streamer to give it texture. Tape the bottom of the streamer to the floor. Repeat.
  • A kid art backdrop: If you’re having a birthday party for a youngster, then buy a long piece of butcher paper and have your child and his/ her friends paint it up one afternoon. Once the paper is dry, then hang it up. This kid art becomes your backdrop.

3. Get Some Props

Props like oversized sunglasses, fake mustaches, masks, Hawaiian leis, and period costumes count as just a few of the items you can keep near your DIY backdrop. These items allow your guests to personalize their experience and make the resulting photos that much more fun.

And if you really want to personalize the experience, then you could make a craft area where party guests could paint T-shirts or masks to wear when they’re being photographed in front of the DIY backdrop. Encourage your guests to post their party photos on your birthday party Facebook page.
Your DIY birthday party backdrop allows you to add a photo booth event to your party. Making one is actually really easy. You can get most of the supplies to make it at the dollar or craft store.

Finally, create a craft station where guests can make T-shirts and other props; these add a personal touch to the photos that people will take in front of the backdrop.