Everything You Need To Know About Photo Traffic Tickets

It is becoming common for motion-activated cameras to be used to catch drivers who disobey traffic laws. They are often referred to as red light cameras, and these devices can be mounted on a traffic signal. They will photograph a license plate, and a citation is then sent to a traffic offender. Studies have shown crash injury reductions of up to 25 percent occur in areas where these cameras are placed.

Receiving Traffic Citation
A driver will receive their traffic citation in the mail. The ticket will have information showing how they can pay the designated fine or try and get the ticket dismissed. There will also be information on how to handle a situation where the photograph is not of the driver. A person can plead, no contest, guilty or not guilty. If a person pleads guilty or no contest, they can pay their fine, and it’s over. Should they plead no guilty, the ticket will provide information on how they can appear in court.

When a person gets a photograph traffic citation, it will have information concerning payment deadlines. Should a person decide to pay the citation, it is important they pay on time. If the payment deadline is missed, the fine could increase and in some cases double.

Obtain the Photograph
One of the first steps in fighting such a ticket is to get a copy of the photograph. In many cases, a copy of the photograph will be mailed with the citation. Some states require a request for a copy of the photograph. If a driver can prove they are not the one in the photograph, they may be able to get the ticket dismissed.

Working properly
When a driver goes to court, it is the responsibility of the government to show how the device operates. It is also their responsibility to prove the photographic device was operating properly the day the citation was issued. Should a representative from the company responsible for the device not show up to court, it’s possible to ask the photographs not be used as evidence.

Unclear Images
Should the photograph be admitted as evidence, and it is not a clear image, a person can state the image is not sufficiently convincing to be used for a conviction. Poor image quality can result from weather conditions and more.

There are situations where a driver may disobey traffic regulations in order to avoid an accident or harm to others. This may happen when a driver has to move out of the way of a pedestrian walking in front of their vehicle when they have a green light or a car that is accidentally going the wrong way on the road and more. If it can be proven the traffic violation was caused by the necessity to avoid something much worse, a person photo traffic ticket dismissed.