Commercial Propane Tanks

There are various different types of propane tanks that are available: above ground tanks, underground tanks and vertical tanks and are used both in residential and commercial applications. Let’s take a little closer look at the commercial and industrial side of propane usage.


Propane is very popular as a commercial and industrial fuel for various high volume usage activities, which include things such as use in a commercial kitchen, forklift fueling, fleet fueling, and heating in agricultural applications. Commercial tanks typically are a lot larger than residential propane tanks due to the many different industrial and commercial uses available and the amount of propane that is used for these activities.


When selecting an appropriate sized propane tank there are a lot of factors that go into it, but a good propane company can accurately size the tank for your commercial or industrial needs. If your needs change over time and you end up needing additional propane, a larger tank or an additional propane tank can be added to meet your demands.  Commercial propane tank sizes can vary from 33 lb up to 90,000 lb.


Leasing and purchasing are both viable options for commercial propane tanks. There are advantages and disadvantages to both – some of these are listed below for you to consider.


Some of the disadvantages to leasing include:

  • Propane tanks and other leased equipment are not often maintained. They are required to be kept up to code with NFPA requirements, which change quite often – so this can be a drawback.
  • Federal and state laws prevent any company from fueling another company’s tank unless a disaster has been declared.
  • During a storm or other catastrophic event, often your propane provider will place their residential customer’s needs before their commercial customers. You are at the mercy of your propane providers’ schedule for any refills.


Some of the advantages to purchasing include:

  • Freedom to choosing any vendor you would like for propane deliveries
  • Increased response time during natural disasters
  • No annual tank rental invoices


When finding a propane tank you will want to pick the best company to suit your needs. Look for a company that can meet your needs and also has a great reputation among their customers. If you choose to get bids from different companies, try and compare them to see why they may differ. If you do some research you may find that they don’t have a good customer reputation, or they left off something that is needed on the estimate.