8 Simple Ways to Choose Which Pocket Scanner is Right for You

Pocket scanners are one of those tech items that you never think you need to have it until you own it. With more and more business being conducted on the go, portable scanners have become a necessity.


Portable scanners are light, able to fit inside most laptop bags, quick and can efficiently save documents without requiring you to be near a computer.

Here are 8 ways to choose which scanner is right for you:


The price of portable scanner should depend mostly on the budget you set for yourself. However, there are many great portable scanner options available for under $100.

As with anything, the cheaper you go in price the quality will start to suffer. It is important to know what you will need the scanner for, the types of documents you will be scanning and how often it will be used.


The importance of portable scanner features really depends on your daily needs. For instance, if your daily needs require scanning lengthy contracts then a scanner with quick page per minute scans would be more important than one with high resolution for picture quality.


It is important to make sure the portable scanner is compatible with your most used operating system. Some portable scanners may only work with Windows.

So if you are a Mac user, make sure that the scanner you choose is compatible. It should also be noted that some scanners may charge a monthly fee for services connecting to a Mac OS.

What You Usually Scan

Do you regularly scan images? Or perhaps you are a student and scanning pages from a notebook is more important.

Whatever your scanning needs are, it is good to know what you will be using the portable scanner for before purchasing one. Some scanners only scan in JPEG, while others have JPEG and PDF capabilities.

This should ultimately weigh heavily on your deciding factor, even more than price.

If you scan documents more than pictures, then a scanner with 300 dpi resolution would be sufficient. However, if you need photo quality scans, opt for 600-1200 dpi resolution.

Scan Quality

If you are required to scan lengthy contracts, reports, or notes, its important check how reliable the scanner is with various size fonts.

This is especially the case when it comes to contracts because of the small print. Most manufacturers will show samples of scan quality on their sites.


Since this scanner is portable, the size of the scanner itself is important. If you need to take it in a laptop bag, suitcase or briefcase, the scanner should be easy to carry and not feel cumbersome.


In this case, the faster the scan the better. However, make sure the quality of the scan is not compromised because of the speed.


Warranties are available for most of the better performing scanners. Also, some metals and hard plastics may be used in its construction.

Getting a portable scanner that is compromised in durability is a surefire way to have bad scans after a short amount of time.

Use these 8 ways to narrow down your search for the perfect portable scanner.