7 Tips For Packing Your Belongings in a Storage Unit

Whether you need storage for the long term or are getting ready to move, how you load your storage unit will make future access a lot easier.

1) Label consistently on at least two side of each box and make sure that label is to the front as you stack your items. Consider adding a date to this label to help you keep track.
2) If you’re going with a small storage unit, build a “U” of boxes with a hole in the middle for large pieces or furniture. This will prevent you having to unpack the unit to see what’s in there.
3) Try to create aisles. In the “U” shape noted above, you may be able to move between the furniture and the wall of boxes to search for the item you need. If not, you only need to move a few items to get to all your boxes. Consider putting this large piece on a furniture dolly so you can roll it aside if you need to.
4) Leave no hollow spaces. If you’re storing a chest of drawers, fill it up and label each drawer. If you’re storing clothes, consider wrapping them in sheets to reduce dust build-up.
5) Box everything. Don’t put loose items on top of a tower of boxes thinking you’ll remember it’s up there. You won’t, and you may catch it with your face the next time you need to access the unit.
6) Draw a map. Using simple grid paper, mark what items are stored where. If your Christmas decorations are packed on the left side of the unit, mark it on the grid. Tape the grid to the first item inside the unit so you can easily get to the items you need. You may also find it useful to store an old flashlight in there. Leave the batteries outside of the light until you need it. Rather than burning phone battery with your phone flashlight, a cheap hardware store flashlight can be stored right by the door sans batteries and loaded with the help of your phone light.
7) Work clean. Never store anything in a storage unit that contains gasoline or any other flammable product. Drain lawnmowers and yard tools. Don’t store solvents in a self storage unit.
Storage units are a great option if you’re moving or if your home is overrun with your belongings. Maintaining a well-organized storage unit isn’t hard if you stay consistent and will keep the unit user-friendly.