7 Must Have Moving Supplies For Your Relocation

Moving is one of life’s most stressful events. Making a sound plan and being sure to have everything you need will make it much faster and easier.


This may seem like a no-brainer, but there are a few specialty boxes you may want to consider, such as long boxes to pack items like rolled posters or wrapping paper. Wardrobe boxes keep your hanging clothes wrinkle free. Styrofoam boxes protect fragile items, such as fine china. Artwork and mirror boxes with frame protectors are sized to fit. Wine boxes with dividers are great for packing glassware and breakables.

Packing Materials

Bubble wrap and packing peanuts are standard, but many people do fine with newspapers. Shredded paper is excellent for tucking into small spaces. Your heavy socks are useful for padding drinking glasses. Old panty hose work well for packing ceramic flower pots.

Permanent Markers

A variety of marker sizes and colors is a must-have. Use different colored markers to designated different rooms, so movers will quickly know where boxes go. Use wide markers to designate the room, medium sharp markers for contents and ultra fine markers for notes on boxes to aid in unpacking.

Box Cutter

Of course, box cutters are used to cut tape, but they are also handy for cutting pieces of cardboard for various uses, like covering that annoying open space on the tops and bottoms of boxes whose flaps do not meet in the middle, such as fruit boxes. They can also be used to cut down large boxes if you run out of smaller ones.


Clear packing tape is essential. Always buy the best heavy-duty packing tape you can afford. Designate boxes to be unpacked first with a strip of colored masking or duct tape. Have movers stack those in a specific place so they are easy to get to.

Stretch Wrap

Stretch wrap is wonderful for bulky or ungainly items, such as skis and other sporting equipment that does not fit into boxes. It is also essential if you have items that will be palleted, such as large appliances.

Ropes, Netting and Bungee Cords

If you are moving yourself, it is essential that you have supplies you need to stabilize the load. Netting is excellent for holding boxes in place so they will not shift during sudden stops and starts. Ropes and bungee cords are essential for securing unboxed items and furniture. A good tip is to put your mattresses in last and tie them in place as a wall to keep smaller items at the back of the truck from shifting.

Having the proper supplies in place for packing and loading the truck can make moving a much less harrowing experience. Think it out well in advance and plan wisely so you will not have any surprises on moving day.