6 Ways To Use Mason Jars as Party Favors

Mason jars are a classic staple in almost any kitchen. However, they’ve become quite a trend within the past couple years. Many people use mason jars for different uses. One of the main uses for mason jars involves canning fruits and vegetables. If you’re having a trendy party, you probably want to send guests home with a unique spin on the classic mason jar. Consider these uses.

1. Candy

Go to the local grocery store and purchase large bags of candy. Along with a thank you note tied to the top with string, fill the mason jar with a lovely variety of candy. Most people can’t turn down a jar filled with Skittles or Hershey’s chocolate kisses.

2. Fun Recipe

One of the safest bets is that most people in any given room love chocolate chip cookies. Instead of going through the hassle of looking for all the ingredients, many people just purchase the pre-made mix at the store or a bucket of cookies from the bakery. Excluding the wet liquids involved, throw all the ingredients (in layers) into a mason jar. When your guests go home, all they need to do is find a bowl to mix all the ingredients in and divide them up on a cookie sheet.

3. Glittered Vases

Glittered vases are exceptionally pretty and easy to recreate. Take a piece of masking tape or painter’s tape and wrap it around the circumference of the jar. Wrap it around the bottom third. Using spray paint, mod podge or glittered paint, paint the bottom of the jar and allow it to dry. This is now a beautifully decorated jar to use for drinking or even floral arranging.

4. Spray Painted Tops

Whether it’s a small G.I.Joe, a mini toy dinosaur or a letter of the alphabet, find a small toy that can get glued to the top of the jar. With the miniature toy glued to the top of the jar, spray paint the top an electrifying color like cobalt blue, neon yellow or hot pink. This instantly becomes a fun jar to place simple household items like cotton balls, q-tips and bobby pins.

5. Succulents

Use the mason jar as the springboard for a terrarium you’ll plant for your friends. For this mini-garden, use distinct plants like succulents to make it look very interesting. Succulents are also great because they are so low-maintenance. This is a perfect gift that keeps on giving to your friends that are missing green thumbs.

6. Candles

Candles are really easy to make and modify based on your preferences. Along with essential oils, butters and fragrant herbs, you can create a beautifully scented candle to leave with family and friends after a fun party!