5 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Lawn

A healthy lawn is greener and beautiful. Many homeowners who strive to achieve the perfect lawn should know that it requires strategic measures. Lawns require dedication and application of the right methods, and perfect timing to achieve the best results. Additionally, regular maintenance and the ability to solve problems quickly also contribute towards achieving a healthy lawn. The following are some of the ways recommended for achieving a perfect lawn.

Weed control

Controlling weeds in your lawn will keep it healthy. Perennial weeds including dandelions are a menace. They can survive through winter, spring, and fall. Attacking dandelions at their earlier stages is an effective solution. A lawn and garden sprayer with either synthetic or organic herbicide is also effective for preventing the spread of perennial weeds.

Fertilize your lawn

Organic and synthetic lawn fertilizer strengthens grass roots and promotes lush growth. Most fertilizers consist of potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. Moreover, nitrogen promotes leafy growth. However, excessive application of nitrogen leads to discoloration and yard burn.

Aerate your lawn

Aeration involves removing small plugs of soil. It has benefits: Improves air-to-soil interaction, allows penetration of water and fertilizer into the soil, and reduces soil compaction. Aerating your lawn will provide space for grassroots to grow and take in oxygen, nutrients, and moisture. An Aerated lawn quickly breaks apart and decomposes the small plugs of soil hence promoting a healthier lawn. On the other hand, a compacted lawn has difficulty in absorbing nutrients, air, and water. A gas-powered aerator found in rental centers is suitable for aeration.

Your Cutting Time should be adjusted to the time of year

During the first mowing of a year, the cutting height of grass for cool climate should be done using a 1-1/2 inches blade. This helps to remove dead grasses and allow for the penetration of sunlight to the grasses’ crowns. The blade is increased to 2 or more inches during the summer season. Further, the blade is lowered in the last part of the years. A sharp blade is an appropriate tool to use during cutting the grass because it ensures the grass is cut evenly. Therefore, the lawn is maintained and kept healthy throughout the year.

Good Watering

Deep watering is essential for developing deep roots for tapping into subsurface water supplies. On the other hand, light sprinklings wet the grass and soil surface thus encouraging shallow root growth. Moreover, it increases the need for more watering of the lawn. Watering is best done during early mornings because there is minimal evaporation and the lawn has plenty of time to absorb the water before nightfall.

A healthy lawn requires care from the homeowner. Maintaining a lawn requires simple methods to achieve a green lawn: good watering and applying fertilizer. A lawn can also be kept healthy throughout the year by adjusting to cut the grass at the appropriate time of the year.