5 Uses for Common Marijuana Strains

If you are new to medical or legal recreational marijuana, you’ve probably had your curiosity peaked by hearing about the many uses of this versatile plant. Here are five of the most common marijuana strains and some of the physical and emotional symptoms they can be used to treat.

1. Redwood Kush
This indica strain calls to mind the peaceful California forests of its namesake, and is known to be an effective remedy for menstrual cramps as well as muscle pain. According to Leafly.com, it’s also great for treating stress and insomnia, and is best used at night as it induces a feeling of intense relaxation. Users tend to feel relaxed, happy, and euphoric with minimal negative side effects, although dry mouth is common among fans of this strain.

2. Blueberry
According to the Medicinal Marijuana Association, this hybrid strain (80 percent indica, 20 percent sativa) is great for treating migraine pain as well as stress and depression. It has high levels of THC that are a good match for the intense headache pain of this condition, as well as long lasting effects and a delicious berry taste and aroma.

3. Harlequin
If you’re interested in medical marijuana to treat arthritis pain or other forms of inflammation, consider the Harlequin strain. Although sativas are not usually indicated for pain, this particular plant has a high cannabinoid level. This means that it is intense enough to alleviate arthritis symptoms while still allowing you to be alert and clear headed. For that reason, it’s also a good choice for chronic pain sufferers who want a drug that allows them to achieve normal daytime function.

4. Green Crack
Have a busy day ahead? Green crack is a great choice when you want to be productive, as it provides a sharp mental buzz that lasts for hours and keeps you focused and alert. For that reason, it’s ideal for treating disorders that cause fatigue, such as fibromyalgia, as well as depression and stress. Like harlequin, it’s a good choice to provide relief from a variety of ailments while preserving daytime function.

5. Purple Kush
This pure indica originates in the Oakland, California area and provides a heavy body high that is ideal for those struggling with insomnia or profound stress, such as that caused by disorders like PTSD. It allows for intense physical relaxation coupled with long lasting euphoria for a refreshing, restful effect.