5 Tips for Moving Up Quickly in Any Job

When you’re working in corporate America, chances are you’d like to move your way up to the top of the ladder. To move up the ranks, there are quite a few things to consider. To be successful and move up quickly in the workplace, it’s a good idea to implement these five tips into your strategic plan.

1. Get more experience.
Whether it’s through learning the ropes of the department you’d like to move into or volunteering in a leadership position, it’s so important to gain as much experience as possible. While education is important, many employers like to know that you have the experience to back up your education. Even if it’s just a few weeks of experience in a different environment, it can work in your favor.

2. Anticipate needs.
It’s wise to anticipate needs of those you’re working with. If you are a proactive worker, this means that you stay ahead of the curve and always pay attention. Attentiveness is necessary for any high-powered job. The more you can anticipate and pay attention to detail, the more effective you’ll be in maintaining a staff that’s willing to work faithfully within your department.

3. Learn a new skill.
Consider taking a course that’ll help you sharpen a few of your skills. If you’re not great with public speaking, take a course to help you become more eloquent and confident. If you’re looking to move into a position of leadership, take leadership courses. Certifications aren’t like degrees in that they don’t take as long to earn. You can even consider learning through an online program. As you gain more certifications and perfect certain skills, they’ll serve as resume-builders.

4. Network.
When it comes to success in the professional world, it’s not always about what you know. In many cases, it’s about who you know. Always be intentional about making connections and getting to know people. Be friendly and courteous in the workplace. Develop a reputation that precedes in a positive manner. Be the professional that others look forward to working with. As you develop this type of reputation, your name will travel and more people will want to connect and work with you. As you build a Rolodex of workplace colleagues, they’ll serve as your fan base. If someone is looking for a qualified professional for a specific position, work in such a way that your name comes up without question.

5. Execute with excellence.
Always work hard and work with intention. Your work is one of the main components that precedes you. Your reputation is another. If you produce great work, no one can really argue with that fact. Maintain a high level of excellence within the workplace and it’ll be rewarded.