5 Things to Consider When Moving Your Business

The ins and outs of doing business today can be quite complex, and among some of the top, governing factors in any business venture are those of location and relocation. If you’re considering moving your business to a potentially better location, you may indeed be making a terrific decision. To be sure, though, consider some of the following elements to this important proposition first.


Of the things in life we can be sure of, taxes are certainly among them. As a business owner, taxes can make or break it all when it comes to satisfying the bottom line. This is why doing a complete investigation into taxes and other government-related incentives at your proposed new location is so important.

Today, there is quite a variation in government-associated costs for doing business from one state to another. In addition, local ordinances can also be quite worth understanding beforehand. California is one of the top competing states right now with regard to welcoming tax rates and other incentives. New York and Texas are also attracting plenty of attention in much the same manner.

Supply Location

For some businesses, this factor isn’t too much of a concern. For others, it’s absolutely detrimental to consider supply matters before relocating anywhere. Where is the company’s principal supplier located? Is this relocation going to create further shipping distance and additional costs in supply chain management? Perhaps there is an even better supplier located closer to the relocation destination. One way or another, many businesses would be entirely reckless to not consider this critical element before moving.

Customer Location

Similar in importance to the location of needed supplies, where are the majority of your customers located? Will this relocation affect their prices, service, or any other factors of the experience provided? Most experts agree on the importance of customer proximity
in business; the closer you are to your high-value clients, the better.

Local Demographics

Another important question to most business owners is that of demographics. If demographics are important to you, it’s worth all the time and effort in the world to investigate the change in demographics that may be experienced by the business upon its move. Fortunately, there are many ways and resources with which to do your homework here.

Weather, Geography

Are sales of your product or service affected by weather conditions, geography, or the presence of other natural elements? If so, relocation efforts should definitely focus to some extent on this area of interest. Do your research first, and pick a new location that will continuously aid in satisfying that ever-present bottom line.

Profit, relationships, and a positive impact are just about all we can ask for as business owners. Subsequently, relocation is something that can have a great effect on all of these best outcomes. In order to be sure that your relocation choices assure you and your business of the desired results here, consider the five above-mentioned elements as applied to your potential new location before taking any additional steps toward a move.