5 Smart Ideas on how to achieve a high Alimony Amount

When you’re going through a divorce, you should have an approach for getting everything you need. If you’re in line for alimony, how you handle the divorce process will have a long-term impact on your quality of life and the lives of your children. With this in mind, getting a high alimony amount is not some mystery waiting to be uncovered. Rather, there are formulas in play and time-tested approaches that can help you get the outcome you want. Smart divorce lawyers understand just how to help their clients get the most out of the divorce settlement by positioning themselves properly. Here are five smart ideas on how to achieve that high alimony amount that you’re looking for.

Underselling your job market qualities
One of the factors that influences the alimony amount is what you could reasonably expect to make at a job. This means that the court will consider your earning potential in assessing how much your spouse should have to pay. With this in mind, it is critical to convince the court that you do not have skills, that your skills have deteriorated, or that there’s some reason why you can’t use those skills. If you’re a nurse, for instance, the court will expect that you can make $50,000 or more per year. You might have to convince the court that there’s some skill you failed to maintain while you were married.

Highlight your current standard of living
The goal with alimony is to ensure that each partner is able to maintain the standard of living he or she was accustomed to during the marriage. While it’s critical to deflate your skills for the job market, it’s critical to highlight the things that are important to your lifestyle. Communicate to the court why living in a certain neighborhood is important for your safety, for instance.

Produce a detailed budget
The better your budget is, the more credibility you will have with the court. Judges are more likely to believe and give credence to people who have done their homework in this regard. Coming prepared with a top line budget will help you achieve the best alimony amount.

Divorce when your spouse is at their peak earning potential
People earn different amounts during different times in their career. If you’re savvy, you will wait until your spouse is at his or her peak earning potential. Figure out when this is and plan your divorce timeline accordingly. This will allow the court to see just how much money your spouse can bring in.

Be “high-maintenance” in the months leading up to the divorce
If you know you’re going to divorce, then try to live a high-maintenance life in the months leading up to the proceedings. It’s important to strike the right balance. If you try to do too much, you may end up frustrating the judge. Do your best to build up reasonable expenses that won’t raise any red flags.