5 Reasons You Should Vape Your Marijuana

You’ve probably heard that smoking marijuana is less harmful than smoking cigarettes. But did you know that there’s an even less harmful way to consume marijuana than smoking it? Vaping offers many advantages over smoking in terms of health, convenience and effectiveness. Here we’ll go over the top five reasons to vape instead of smoke.

5. Vaping is Safer than Smoking

As anyone who’s ever woken up the morning after a long smoke session with a sore throat can tell you, smoke doesn’t have to come from tobacco to cause pain. Hot smoke can irritate the mouth, tongue, throat and lungs, especially if the smoker is experiencing dry mouth – a very common side effect of marijuana. Smoking can cause pain that lasts for days and may lead to more serious complications such as infection and possibly even cancer.

With vaping, no combustion occurs. Rather, the compounds within the marijuana are released in a vapor, which is up to five times cooler than smoke. No tar or other toxic chemicals are inhaled, which makes vapor much “cleaner” than smoke. Marijuana smokers who switch to vaping report a rapid reduction in respiratory side effects after they switch.

4. Vaping is Easier

Rolling joints takes a lot of practice to perfect. Pipes are fragile and not very discreet. Edibles are tricky to dose and often take a long time to kick in.

Vaping, in contrast, couldn’t be simpler: just take your marijuana, place it in the chamber, turn the vaporizer on and inhale. This makes it an especially valuable consumption method for medical users, individuals with mobility difficulties and those who are new to marijuana.

3. Vaping Keeps it Discreet

Though marijuana is legal in several states – and legal for medical use in many more – most users still consider discretion a priority. The distinct smell of marijuana smoke often attracts unwanted attention.

Though vaping still produces a smell, it is a much milder scent than smoke. Many vaporizers are also similar in appearance to e-cigarettes, making them much less conspicuous than a pipe or joint.

2. Vaping Stops Your Money from Going Up in Smoke

The initial cost of a vaping setup can seem high, but in the long run it’s much more budget-friendly than smoking. There’s no need to buy (or worry about running out of) rolling papers or lighters all the time when you vape.

Smoking is also surprisingly wasteful. Up to 30% of THC is destroyed by high temperatures when marijuana is smoked. When vaping, temperatures remain low enough that this destruction does not occur. Plus, no marijuana gets wasted by burning off in between tokes or hits because you control exactly when combustion starts and stops.

1. Vaping Gives You the Full Sensory Experience

Similar to beers and wines, many strains of marijuana are specially grown to feature unique, highly nuanced flavors and scents. Some may taste fruity and sweet while others may carry earthy, woody flavors. These subtleties can be hard to detect when smoking; oftentimes, the only discernible flavor is “smoke”.

Vaping, in contrast, produces no smoke or other flavor-altering compounds. When you vape marijuana, you taste only the unique flavor profile of the individual plant. For this reason, vaping is extremely popular among connoisseurs as well as anyone who enjoys savoring and appreciating their marijuana.
Though smoking has been the standard method of marijuana consumption for decades, the future is in vaping. With fewer health risks, more enjoyable sensory effects and increased efficiency and portability, it’s well-suited to just about any marijuana user.