5 Reasons to Have a Workout Buddy

Resolving to get fit and stay in shape in the new year is a common New Year’s resolution, but come February, it can sound easier to stay in bed than go to the gym. That’s why a workout buddy can be such a great option for staying true to your fitness goals.

1. They can motivate you 
Fewer things can be more motivating than the thought of someone else waiting for you at the gym, ready to cheer you on. Whether you’re resolving to hit the gym before work or carve out time for an evening sweat session, your fitness friend can be ready to greet you when you get there or at the bus stop so you can head to the gym together. You’ll be less likely to bail when you know your friend won’t start working out without you – and vice versa.

2. They can help you plan your workouts 
With so many different types of workouts to do and new fitness trends cropping up all the time, it can be hard to put together a clear workout plan. That’s where a workout buddy can help you. They can help you identify your goals and how to establish a routine that will get you there, whether it’s three weeks until spring break or five months until summer swimsuit season. If your friend has mastered some go-to moves, they can share them with you and give you some fresh workout inspiration.

3. They can be your spotter 
If you’re doing challenging moves like bench presses or barbell squats, a gym buddy can help you do these exercises safely. The spotter can encourage you to test your limits while maintaining proper form in order to prevent injury. In addition, they can count reps with you, so you stay on target.

4. You can get fit together 
According to research, the most effective workout buddies are the ones who are at the same fitness level as you or one step higher. If you share the same workout goals, you can achieve them together. There are also many partner workouts available that require two people to complete them, like team burpees and partner pushups.

5. You’ll work harder 
Just like a great workout playlist can leave you feeling confident to take on that next mile, a workout buddy can inspire you to work harder, better, faster, and stronger. It’s an opportunity to both socialize and burn major calories.