5 Reasons Every Home Needs a Docking Station for Devices

If you have a lot of devices in your home, having a docking station will help to corral them. Smartphones, tablet devices, mp3 players and laptops can all be centralized at your docking station. The product will have spaces to put your devices and holes that you can string the cords through so that they are hidden in a closed compartment.

Most docking devices also have a centralized plug with an extension cord coming out of it. This plug can be plugged into the wall so that you have only one connection with the wall instead of one for each of your devices.

1. It clears up cord clutter.

When smartphones, tablet devices and computers are ubiquitous in your home, you naturally have a lot of cords as well. These cords do not look nice in your home and can create a lot of clutter, but a docking station instantly takes care of this problem.

2. It parents you corral your kids’ devices.

Parents who have children know how difficult it can be to corral expensive tablet and phone devices. Being kids, your sons and daughters may accidentally leave their devices at school or friends’ homes. If you tell everyone in your house to have their devices charging at the docking station at night, you’ll be sure to keep them in line.

3. It helps you see who’s home and who’s not.

Individuals rarely leave home without their smartphones, so if you see that someone’s smartphone is not in the docking station, you might be able to infer that that person is not home.

4. It keeps your cords cleaner and safer.

Cords that are plugged in near baseboards and across countertops often get curled up, kinked or stepped on. For this reason, they can easily become dirty and frayed, which can make them dangerous and useless when they finally break. Having a docking station protects these expensive and important cords and keeps them clean and intact.

5. It’s a centralized place where you can leave notes for each other.

Families that are always on the go need to have a centralized place in the home where notes and important papers can be left. A docking station is the perfect place for this. You can leave a pad of paper there and exchange notes or plans with ease. You can also put a folder near the docking station for important school, work or household papers.

If you would like to put more organization into your home, try a docking station for you and your family. You’ll enjoy all of the five benefits listed above and more! In this day and age, having a docking station is a great way to stay organized.