5 Pieces of Furniture Every Antique Collector Should Have

Antique furniture can be an excellent addition to any home and can also be a significant investment. Unlike modern furniture, they are built to last and increase in value as they continue to age. Antique furniture comes in a wide variety of color, shapes, patterns and sizes. Here is a list of 5 Pieces of Furniture Every Antique Collector Should Have.

1. Antique bookcase

A bookcase can be a handy piece of furniture in your home. They come in a variety of sizes. While a small one may not particularly stand out, a large one can overpower the room. Apart from storing books, it can also store CDs, DVDs and other valuable collectibles.

Unlike modern bookcases, antique bookcases are heavy and sturdy. They are usually available in oak, mahogany, satinwood or rosewood. Most pieces have distinct details which the different makers used to mark them.

2. Antique Dining table

The size and style of the dining table have undergone various changes throughout the centuries from the era of Louis XIV to the Regency period and the Victorian age. Different designs emerged during these time periods, some of which are popular even today.

3. Antique bed

The value of the bed in the bedroom cannot be overstated, but a unique antique bed with echoes from the past will add style and character to the room. There is are a wide variety of styles to choose from including Victorian brass beds, Edwardian brass beds, French wooden bed, French Lococo beds, etc. A modern mattress may not fit in any of these though.

4. Antique Chair

Until around the sixteenth-century chairs were reserved for the noble in society—kings, lords, bishops, etc. The ordinary folk was only allowed to sit on stools and benches. The chairs were handcrafted from solid wood with designs that reflected the era in which they were made. Antique chairs are beautiful accent pieces that can add style and sophistication to any décor.

5. Antique Armoire

For centuries amoires have not only be used as convenient storage spaces for clothing, dinnerware and other household supplies but they are also used to express personal style and taste. There are many styles and types from which to choose.

Armoires are usually made from solid wood. They vary in design from plain simplistic pieces to the elaborate highly detailed ones. An armoire will complement the décor of any room in your house.

Collecting antiques can be a fascinating and profitable activity. However, not every old item can be considered valuable. When looking for an antique, always assess the condition of the item. Has it been preserved well? Is it still intact? If the antique is in poor condition, its value will be affected. Consequently, it is essential to take care of your antique furniture to preserve their value.