5 Must Have Jeep Accessories

The Jeep brand is associated with freedom to take something else other than the beaten path. Jeeps are available in everything from the luxuriously appointed Grand Cherokee to Wrangler models with truck frames made to take the pounding off-road trails can give. Whether you just navigate snowy roads or the occasional drive onto a sandy beach in your Jeep, or if you are a serious Wrangler buff who likes to hit the trails on the weekend, there are must-have Jeep accessories for everyone.

Emergency Communications

Jeeps can take you where no family sedan could ever go. Your Jeep adventure may only be a trip out to the country or desert to have a picnic, or you may travel for miles looking for a great place to camp on Bureau of Land Management public use properties. Any of these locations may have you out of cellular range. Satellite messengers and phones give you the ability to make emergency contact in most any location on earth where you have a clear view of the sky. Modern messengers can trigger a call for help, send a pre-made alert to friends and family, or send text messages. Satellite phones have come down in price and allow voice communication.

Jeep Tents

Since Jeeps are the vehicle of choice for outdoor buffs, there are numerous manufacturers of tents that are made to attach to a Jeep. Some models just have a chute that allows you access into the rear of your Jeep model from inside the tent. Others are set up on a roof platform that gets installed on Wrangler models to get you off the ground and away from animals.

Light Bars

LED technology has made it possible to add some extremely bright off-road lighting to your Jeep without having to upgrade your battery and alternator. Super bright incandescent or high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting can quickly overwhelm a stock battery and charging system. LEDs are capable of outputting seriously bright light at a fraction of the amperage of other bulbs. Plus, LED lighting can be much more compact than other lighting options, making for easier installs while still keeping the clean lines of your Jeep.

Heavy Duty Floor Mats

Rarely does a new vehicle come with floor mats. If it does, they are not usually good enough to hold up to mud, snow, slush and other grime that you will track into your Jeep even if you barely use it to its full capacity. Different manufacturers make floor mats designed to take the abuse of dirty feet from fishing, hunting, hiking, mud bogging and other things you might get into with your Jeep. Choose ones made of thick waterproof material that have a pan or tub design to keep liquids and dirt on the mat and off the floor. Rear seat mats should cover the transmission hump as well.

Pet Seat Cover

Jeeps and the outdoors go together hand in hand. The love of the outdoors is shared by Jeep owners and their dogs. Jeeps are one of the most dog-friendly vehicles available, but you do need to take some precautions to protect the upholstery from muddy feet. Covers made of two-layers can provide a surface material for comfort and durability with a waterproof backing to prevent soiling of the seat upholstery underneath the cover. Be sure to get one made for your Jeep so that seat belts and other components are not compromised.

Jeep is one brand that has a tremendous amount of OEM and aftermarket accessories that are appropriate for specific Jeep models or highly desirable by those living the Jeep lifestyle. You will discover your own must-have Jeep accessories as you enjoy the great outdoors and all the adventures nature has to offer as you explore your world in your Jeep vehicle.