5 Great Choices for Hardwood Flooring

You see your home as a castle, but because we no longer live in mid-evil times, you are going to need some type of flooring to walk on. One of the best options for your floors is hardwoods. They can last for decades and they provide a warmth that gives the home that glowing appeal. If you are on the fence about which type of hardwood is best, here are the top five that consumers pick.


By far one of the most popular choices in hardwood floors is oak. It comes in many shade variations like white and red. It is extremely hard so wears really well. Though it can be a bit expensive, it can be sanded and refinished multiple times.


Maple is another great option for flooring. Though the grain pattern is not as detailed as other trees, this one is really dent resistant. A home that has children or animals could benefit from maple flooring. On a downside, maple is best left in its natural hues, as it does not stain very well.


Bamboo is one of the newest flooring types to hit the market in the past decade. Bamboo is cost effective and unfortunately can scratch a little bit easily. It is hard to even notice true bamboo floors with all the advances made in modern times. Flooring companies are using finishes and top coats that make it look like anything but bamboo.


Brazilian cherry floors are one of the most luxurious flooring types around. The satin-like texture and unique grains make this flooring very appealing in high-end applications. Like some woods, this one needs to be avoided in areas with high moisture, as it expands a great deal. It stains beautifully and can be sanded and refinished numerous times.


There are a few variations of birch, but the sweet birch is the wood that is most commonly used in flooring applications. It is very hard and durable and offers a great grain pattern that looks beautiful when stained. It is about the same costs as an oak floor, but much less than that of cherry. It is commonly available at most home improvement stores.

Before settling on a specific hardwood type for your home, you need to evaluate a few things. The first question you should ask yourself is where you want it to be installed. If you are going to put it in the kitchen and bathroom, it will limit you on what types of woods will work best. When it comes to hardwoods, nailing down is always the best method, as it prevents cupping when the wood expands and retracts. Wood is an excellent investment and one of the cleanest flooring types around, as it does not harbor allergens like carpet.