5 Frugal Decorating Tips for a Nautical Bedroom

Nautical bedroom themes often grace the covers of design magazines. This is not surprising since many people are drawn to the ocean and the life it signifies. If you are considering a nautical theme but you are on a budget, you shouldn’t worry. Here are some ideas for adding nautical flair without breaking the bank.

Create a Focus Wall

Designers often create what is called a focus wall. This can serve as a decorative point in the room that sets the stage for the entire style. Putting effort into one wall can come in very handy when decorating a bedroom on a budget. You could, for example, paint the wall a nautical color or use nautical print wallpaper and save a lot by not having to do the entire room. By creating one area fully devoted to ocean, beach or marina themes and then adding a few complementing accessories throughout the room, your nautical theme can be completed quickly and frugally.

Incorporate Seashells

Seashells cannot help but evoke images of sandy beaches and the crashing surf. There is no need to worry if you don’t live near a beach. Many hobby stores sell small bags of real seashells at very reasonable prices. Arrange them in a decorative bowl on a nightstand or dresser or glue small seashells to a picture frame.

Hang Framed Prints

Art prints provide nearly the same aesthetic appeal as the original painting but at a very large discount. Visit flea markets, starving artist sales, antique stores, garage sales and more to find beautiful prints of ships at sea or sandy beaches. You can also check online at auction sites, artist’s sites and similar venues. Just do a keyword search on what you are looking for, whether it is art prints of sailing ships, regional beaches, old anchors, seashells or more.

Use Nautical Bedspreads

Beds tend to be a focal point in most bedrooms, and you can use this to your frugal design advantage. Bedspread prints with shell motifs or nautical blue stripes add just the right touch of beachfront bliss without breaking a budget. Even a solid blue bedspread can work if you add a couple of nautical-print throw pillows on top.

Add Sisal Throw Rugs

Sisal rugs and other decorations made of this, or similar rope materials, add to a nautical ambience by evoking images of sailboats and old ships. Choose natural colors such as sand, sage, sky blue, nautical blue, bone or coral for best effect.

Sisal or jute can also be used for coasters on the nightstand, plant hangers and a variety of other creative decorations. You are limited only by your imagination.

Once you start adding nautical accessories here and there, you will see how easy it can be to transform your bedroom. Most people experience stress about interior design because they believe good design will be expensive. This is simply not so.