5 Fashion Trends That Have Died and Came Back to Life

They say that fashion trends are like old soldiers: they never die they just fade away. Yesterday’s fashions always come back but usually not in the exact style. This year is no different with many styles of past decades reappearing with some variations and updating. So go and raid your grandmother’s and mom’s closet for fashions that are making a comeback.

Bell Bottoms These wide legged pants were really big in the 70s for both men and women. Favorites of musicians, artists and hipsters, these pants were often paired with psychedelic print shirts, fringed vests and platform shoes. Today’s style may be paired with a denim jacket and a cool mesh crop top.
Floral Crowns – Flower children of the 60s could often be identified by a wreath of flowers worn in the hair. Festivals like Woodstock were the place to see these free spirited styles. Now with the popularity of music festivals re-emerging, some of the styles from earlier times are regaining popularity. Anyone visiting a Coachella festival is sure to see many women wearing floral crowns and wreaths along with flowers entwined in their braids.

Plaid Flannel Shirts –The plaid shirt made popular by the grunge movement in the 90s is back. Worn by both men and women, the plaid shirt has become a wardrobe staple. For women, the popular style known as “the boyfriend shirt” is just a plaid shirt worn tied around the waist. For men, the plaid shirt worn with a tie and jacket has become the business casual uniform of the day. Elle Magazine notes that the plaid trend was shown by designer St. Laurent at a recent Paris showing.

Overalls – Once worn by plumbers and farmers, denim overalls emerged over time as a fashion statement. The cool way to wear them in the 90s was with one shoulder unbuttoned. Now, the trend has regained popularity although it never truly died out. Today’s fashionistas wear them strategically ripped or torn often with cuffs rolled up. Redbook Magazine says top designers Isabel Marant, Phillip Lim and Stella McCartney have featured overalls in their recent runway shows.

Hammer Pants – These blousy loose pants with the dropped crotch also known as parachute pants were made popular by dancer M. C. Hammer. Today’s style of dropped crotch pants is slimmer and more tailored but quite popular among fashionable men especially in Europe. Olivier Rousteing, the new head designer at Balmain, can be seen taking his bow in the new style pants.