5 Best Albums To Workout to 2019

We can all use a little motivation when we workout. Many of us find this motivation in the music we listen to while breaking a sweat. The music can get up pumped up and keep us going even when our body wants to quit. Here are the 5 best albums to work out to in 2019.

1. Ariana Grande Thank You, Next
The new queen of pop came out with her highly anticipated album this year. Songs like 7 Rings and Thank You, Next are sure to fill you with that girl power to keep moving. You’ll get lost in the music and barely realize how long you’ve been on the treadmill.

2. Future The Wizard
This hip hop mogul has released his next album for everybody to enjoy while at the gym. The music covers everything from relationships to society. It’s sure to get you thinking about something other than the pain you’re feeling. As an artist, Future likes to grow. This is more motivation for you to grow as a person, too.

3. Weezer Teal Album
Weezer has always liked to be unique. With the Teal Album, they decided to bring their unique sound to a number of popular songs. It’s an album of remarkable covers. You’ll love the music, and you’ll find motivation along the way. Songs that you should particularly be excited for are Africa and Everybody Wants to Rule the World.

4. Now That’s What I Call a Workout 2019
90s babies remember when Now That’s What I Call Music came out decades ago, and the albums are still going strong. They’ve also started putting together albums specifically designed for people to workout. This most recent workout album has a huge collection of different artists and genres. The variation is sure to keep your attention and keep you active.

5. Solange Knowles When I Get Home
Beyoncé’s little sister is a great vocal artist in her own right. See for yourself with this beautiful album. Solange tells her stories, bringing you into her world. You’ll be so mesmerized and inspired by the amazing sound that you’ll keep working out.

The music you pick to bring with you to the gym can make a big difference. These albums are sure to keep you moving. If you want, you can take music from the different albums and create your own playlist combining all of the unique sounds!