5 Benefits of Installing a New Roof On Your Home

The roof is one of the most critical parts of any house regardless of the region or age. The roof helps to define and defend the house. It can make a big difference when it comes to heating and cooling. A new roof can help especially when your current roof is more than a decade old. Here are five benefits of installing a new roof on your home.

Prevent Water Damage to Your Home

The main benefit of installing a new roof on your home is to prevent water damage. Aging or outdated roofs can potentially have gaps and other problems that are difficult to see. This can allow water to pour into your attic, walls and other parts of the house. The result will be a large amount of structural damage even from moderate amounts of rainfall. The best and simplest way to protect your house from water damage is by having a new roof installed.

Improve Curb Appeal

The way that your home looks to people outside is very important. Curb appeal can make a dramatic difference when it comes to property value. A good reason to install a new roof on your home is to improve curb appeal. The roof makes more of a difference than most people know. A brand new roof using all new materials is going to look very appealing.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Homeowners spend $40 billion a year in air conditioning costs in average houses. Something you might not realize is that the condition of your roof affects the energy efficiency of your home. A roof that is made from outdated materials or that is suffering damage will allow energy to easily escape leading to higher bills throughout the year. Installing a new roof will increase the energy efficiency of any home so that you will have lower heating and cooling bills.

Eliminate Problems for the Immediate Future

There are almost 134 million households in the country today. The last thing these households want to worry about is roof damage whenever there are high winds, rain or flying debris. This is what happens when you allow your roof to fall into disrepair. You could end up having to deal with constant damage on a monthly basis. This can leave you spending a small fortune just to protect your home. You might end up performing repairs yourself just to stop water from flooding in. You want to have a new roof installed on your home to eliminate any problems that might show up in the immediate future.

Stop Pests

Your roof can be a prime entry point for pests of all types. Insects can build nests behind an aging fascia and then spread throughout your home. Pests can get under loose shingles and burrow into your house. Pests can find a way in through an old roof. A new roof installed using modern techniques will create a barrier that can keep all types of pests out of your house.