4 Tricks for Going to the Gym After Your Kids Go to School

Humans have regularly exercised for more than two million years. Up until recently, people that did not regularly engage in physical activity got beat out by other humans in “survival of the fittest.” While humans are not outstanding physical specimens compared to other animals in terms of strength or speed, we do have one unique trait: endurance. According to Harvard College, a vast majority of animal species — even the most fit of the lot — would likely endure heat strokes after running just one-fourth of in-shape humans’ capacities.

As such, humans are designed to exercise. Advantages of regularly engaging in physical exercise include lower type 2 diabetes risk, lesser chance of developing cardiovascular disease, bone strengthening, boosts in mental health, and many more. However, maintaining a strict schedule of going to the gym is difficult for moms, even those without full- or part-time jobs. Making enough room for even one gym visit a week is challenging. Fortunately for your moms, here are four tried-and-true tricks for hitting the gym after your kids make it to school.

No transportation? You have your legs

We often make excuses for not exercising: not enough time, energy, and no transportation, are just a few. Not having a vehicle to ride to the gym is incredibly discouraging to exercise — “Oh, I’ll just exercise tomorrow,” only to put it off indefinitely. If you live nearby a fitness center, playground, or outdoors area with gym equipment, walk or run there. You’ll benefit from traveling there and back!

Utilize your smartphone’s free fitness apps

The proliferation of smartphones into seemingly everyone’s hands have resulted in us spending less time exercising, and more time leading unhealthy, sedentary lifestyles. If you have a smartphone, download free fitness apps to help keep you motivated. Set alarms to log onto the app after your kids go to school, as simply looking at it may help motivate you to hit the gym.

Wear attractive exercise gear

Few people, men and women alike, enjoy going out into public without looking presentable. Fortunately for moms struggling to hit the gym, there’s loads of exercise-friendly athletic clothing that will help you turn heads when out exercising. Looking good makes people want to go out and show others, which may help you exercise.

Don’t blame your children for not exercising

Waking up early in the morning, preparing breakfast, dressing your kids, and taking them to school is undoubtedly exhausting. However, placing blame on your kids for feeling tired and subsequently exercising isn’t fair to you. Even though such sentiments are usually accurate, you should put your best foot forward in attempting to hit the gym.