4 Tips to Create a Business Flyer

Whether you’re creating an advertising piece for your mom and pop shop or a colorful page to help sell your product, a business flyer can be a cheap option. But creating an effective business flyer can be challenging. It must contain certain aspects and have a good visual flow to be effective. Following are some suggestions that will help you compose a convincing business flyer that gets results.

Create a Great Headline
A headline is the first sentence of your flyer. It’s usually appears at the top of the page and is printed in bold. Headlines are usually short and concise. That’s because they must gain the recipients’ attention in order for them to continue reading. When writing your business flyer, you must always know to whom you are speaking, according to Forbes, or you’re wasting your time. If you’re trying to attract people who like chocolate, for example, address them in the headline. The headline should also include what your target audience cares about and why they should buy from you. This includes any benefits you can offer and any advantages you have over your competitors.

Divide Copy Into Sections
It’s important to include as much information as you can on a flyer, but you must also make it legible for the reader. Otherwise, it’ll end up in the wastebasket. Use bullet points and short statements for each point you’re trying to get across on your flyer, according to AZ Central. Make the wording flow in a logical manner. Moreover, make sure you include plenty of white space on the flyer which also enhances readability.

Incorporate Testimonials
Testimonials are statements from users who have had positive experiences with your products or services. In fact, a testimonial is one of the most powerful tools you can use on a business flyer, according to Business Know-How. When writing a testimonial, create a positive statement the person said about your company or product, followed by her name or company name. It also helps to include several testimonials to enhance your credibility. Most importantly, always get peoples’ permission before including them on your business flyer.

Call People to Action
The last part of your flyer should incite your reader to do something, whether it’s to visit your store, go to your website or call your customer service department. This is known as your “call to action.” Make your “call to action” as easy as possible for your readers. It also helps to offer freebies to motivate your readers to take action immediately.

Take a few minutes before you create your flyer to outline the key components. Once you know what you want to say, start with the headline and include all of the aforementioned steps. That way you’ll get the best response for your efforts.