4 Reasons To Hire an Architect for Your Commercial Remodel

If you are planning to remodel a commercial building, keeping the cost to a minimum and getting a safe, quality result are likely the primary concerns. It can be tempting to use non-licensed professionals or only contractors in an attempt to keep costs down, but this can create a host of problems down the road. Some people are even tempted to download building plans online and pass them along to a contractor to use. While those resources may serve as a good starting point in conceptualizing a general plan for the commercial remodel, it is not advisable to pass them off as professional. Consider the following reasons why an architect is the best choice for your next commercial remodel project.

1. An architect is specially trained to design the best use of the overall space. Whether your commercial remodel involves a portion of an existing space or a total overhaul, a professional architect will know best how to maximize the potential of your commercial space.

2. Because of the additional licensing requirements an architect must meet, they are uniquely skilled to take structural considerations into account when designing and remodeling a space. With an architect, you can have peace of mind that your remodel will be structurally sound and will not have any major issues down the line. In addition, an architect will be able to keep environmental sustainability and energy efficiency in mind when working on the design of your remodel. It is also important to make sure that your remodel meets all building codes, which an architect will be able to ensure.

3. Selecting the right contractor is equally as important as finding an experienced, licensed architect for your remodel. An experienced architect can assist you in finding the best contractor for the job because the architect will have the design and build requirements in mind while offering a suggestion. From this angle, the right architect can save you time and countless headaches by preventing you from being tied to an inexperienced or otherwise problematic contractor. The best laid plans in the world are worthless without the proper contractor to implement them. This is where going the extra mile to hire a reliable architect will pay dividends when all is said and done with your commercial remodel project.

4. An architect can be an effective liaison between you and the contractor. Even the most seamless project requires attention to payment applications, scheduling, permitting and code requirements. An architect can review payment applications and make sure that you are actually paying the contractor for work that was performed. Also, an architect will keep the overall remodel design in mind when making sure that work progress is going according to plan.