4 Main Advantages of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

During the past half-century, pre-engineered steel buildings began playing a more significant role in the construction industry. Once limited primarily to industrial or agricultural venues, these structures today increasingly serve as commercial offices and residential dwellings.

What accounts for this trend? Many experts believe that pre-engineered steel as a building material offers many distinct advantages. Just consider some of these benefits:

1. Strength

Pre-engineered steel buildings display strength, and for this reason often play a role in large construction projects. For example, the City of Hoover, Alabama, recently agreed to pay $3.4 million for a large indoor steel pre-engineered building for use as a special events center. The facility will encompass some 141,000 square feet, and provide ample room for banquets, athletic competitions, concerts and other public events. The strength of steel makes this component ideal for large buildings that must carry the weight of many visitors.

Architects around the world have begun utilizing steel buildings to create impressive office complexes and industrial facilities. Steel permits building in multiple stories.

2. Rapid Construction

The use of pre-engineered parts enables developers to erect buildings made of prefabricated steel much faster. For instance, recently a firm in India announced plans to construct a 33-floor composite steel office tower in only 99 days. The architects expect to use over 4,000 tons of very strong steel.

Workers do not need to spend time cutting wooden planks to meet designated specifications when builders depend upon pre-engineered steel components. Instead, everything required for a project typically arrives in a kit form at the construction site, a big time-saving advantage.

3. Many Building Options Today

Today, the sheer number of available metal building kits offers great variety. For instance, many floor plans exist for attractive steel homes and apartments.

The availability of multiple building options affords benefits to shoppers who select among a variety of options. Consumers today can locate examples of pre-engineered steel buildings in virtually every architectural style.

4. Controlled Costs

Finally, some builders prefer steel buildings for economic reasons. Planners enjoy the ability to predict the cost of a new structure accurately in advance.

Pre-engineered steel buildings offer excellent cost control. Workers frequently erect these structures using few tools, and labor and material costs remain controlled.

Increasing Popularity

Advantages such as strength, rapid construction, versatility and controlled costs contribute to the widespread popularity of pre-engineered steel buildings. These structures today play a prominent role in many settings. As more builders discover the benefits of this form of construction, it appears likely that steel will continue to play a significant role in modern architectural design.