4 Low-Cost Ways to Use Stone for the Interior of Your Home

You already know that it is easy to use stone outside your home to create pathways, decks or driveways, but you can also use stone inside your home. Stone is often a low-cost material that provides a natural decorative element in different areas of a home. Consider using stone these ways inside your home.

Way 1: Use Stone For a Room Divider

If you have a huge combination living and dining room area, then you can divide the space by creating a decorative wall made from stone. You can use granite, sandstone or marble to make a wall that reaches from the floor to the ceiling. Alternatively, you can make a partial room divider that makes it easy to set items on the top. With a half wall between rooms, you can place items such as statues or flowerpots on the top of the partition. A unique stone room divider will add value to your home if you want to sell it later on the real estate market.

Way 2: Create a Stone Fireplace

Use stone materials to make a fireplace inside your home instead of bricks. A stone fireplace has a timeless appearance, and it will last a lifetime when you have it built by experts. Find a contractor who understands how to build fireplaces and chimneys so that you will have a safe fireplace in your bedroom or living room. In addition to choosing plain colors of stone, you can find attractive colors of travertine, marble and granite that are suitable for your home’s low-cost fireplace.

Way 3: Stunning Interior Entranceway Made of Stone

When you want to make a stunning impression on your guests, have a stone entrance way. Select flat pieces of marble or slate for an interior entrance way so that it is easier to walk on the surface. To protect a stone entrance way, you must make sure that the stones are attached securely to the floor with adhesive. You can protect stones on walking surfaces by having a protective waterproof substance applied that prevents moisture damage.

Way 4: Have Stone Counter tops In a Home’s Kitchen and Bathrooms

You can have unique counter tops in a home’s kitchen and bathrooms by installing stone surfaces. Manufacturers create inexpensive stone counter tops that are made of quartz, marble and granite slabs. The colors of different stones can vary, and you can find a gorgeous design that creates a decorative element in a bathroom or kitchen. In addition to counter tops, you can have back splashes installed to protect drywall surfaces.

Check For Reduced Prices On Stone Materials

When you are shopping for stone materials, look for reduced prices on certain colors or types of stone that stores have on clearance.