4 Hacks When Listing Your Home to Make it Sell Faster

The real estate market is continuing to improve, so the market for selling your home is likely much better now that it was a few years ago. Because of this, you will be competing with many other homeowners trying to get top dollar for their houses while the iron is hot. There are a few things you can do when listing your home to get it off the market and sold quicker.

1. Make sure you consider the curb appeal of your home when preparing for an open house. It may seem natural to focus on the interior of your home when getting ready for an open house, but its appeal from the outside is just as important in catching a potential buyer’s eye. By taking a few simple steps like slapping a fresh coat of paint on your front door and freshening up the mailbox will make a positive first impression before potential buyers even step inside for the first time.

2. More is better when it comes to photos. When listing your house for sale online, be sure to add the maximum amount of photos possible. This will help to peak buyers’ interest, and it shows that you do not have something to hide. Buyers tend to assume that there is something wrong with the house if the seller does not post several pictures of the interior and exterior. Consider the lighting when taking the photos so that potential buyers can see clearly.

3. Think about extra features. If you are selling your home in an area that attracts a younger demographic, add-on elements like a wine cooler or mounted flat screen television could help push your home over the tipping point for buyers that are on the fence. In today’s competitive market, it is best to give yourself even the smallest advantage over competitors. Throwing in some extra perks with your home is a great way to attract some extra attention right out of the gate.

4. Give your house the appearance of having fresh landscaping. If you do not necessarily have the budget for full-scale landscaping, using a fresh layer of mulch can help spruce up its curb appeal. You should also make sure that all personal possessions are removed from the front yard once you have listed the home. This makes the house look polished and well-kept. Many potential buyers search for a home online before ever enlisting the help of a realtor. This means that they could check out your address and drive by the house before ever making an inquiry to visit or attending an open house. This is where outstanding. curb appeal can make the difference in getting a potential buyer interested.