4 Facts to Know About Growing Your Nonprofit

As a nonprofit leader, you’ve harnessed your passion, surrounded yourself with other like-minded champions and unleashed the desire to serve your community. The time has come to move your budding organization forward. Here are 4 facts to know about growing your nonprofit.


Fine Tune Your Strategic Plan Through Data Collection


Now that you have defined an explicit, clear reason for your existence, you can assure your work remains tightly focused by measuring your organization’s impact. To accomplish this, consider both short and long-term goals in measureable increments. How do you see your work evolving in one, three and five-years from now? Do these defined milestones align explicitly with your mission and vision? Finally, identify the data sources that will ensure this alignment and use that information to fine tune your work. Data driven decision making is the first step in moving your nonprofit forward.


Engage Donors


One of the biggest frustrations experienced by young nonprofits, is the one time only donor mentality. How can donors be encouraged to step onboard and stay onboard as your organization grows? One way to keep your donors engaged is to share the impact data you have collected aligned to your strategic plan. Couple these facts with videos, testimonials and personal stories so that your donors can be confident their efforts are truly making an impact.


Utilize Social Media


Harnessing the power of social media is a nonnegotiable when it comes to growing your nonprofit. According to Forbes, “The time is now to embrace social media to effectively communicate with your donors. Even if you have been using social media to spread your message and generate donations, there are always new and unique ways to further tap into its power.” Maximize the tools of the day by consistently updating your Facebook, Twittter and Instagram posts leveraging social media and all that the internet has to offer.


Motivating Your Volunteers


Volunteers are the heartbeat and pulse of successful nonprofits. They sign up because they believe in you, your mission and giving back. Too many times volunteers begin with gusto but leave their post disenchanted. One way to keep the energy flowing is to intentionally connect your volunteers to each other by building community among the group. “Build a sense of community among your volunteers. They should feel connected to each other and not just to the organization.” Huffington Post Invest in your people by uncovering what’s important to them as individuals and in the end you will be investing in your organization.