4 Alternatives to Having Regular Cell Phone Bills

Cell phones are convenient. Sometimes, however, the hefty prices that come with owning a cell aren’t. There are ways you can bypass the monthly cell phone fees to get service that is incredibly cheap or completely free.

Government Phones
You can receive phones for free. These phones are able to talk, text, browse the web, and download apps.

If you receive food stamps or other types of government aid, then you most likely qualify in your state for a free phone. There are a few different companies that supply free phones for those who are on government assistance. These phones typically have at least 250 voice minutes, unlimited texts, and limited data. These are actual smartphones, so they can do what other phones can, including offer GPS navigation. Minutes reload monthly, and there are no required monthly fees.

If you’re tired of paying for a phone bill, keep your phone, but ditch the bill. There are free apps that you can download that will allow you to talk and text for free.

Many of these apps are available on the app store or play store. Just do a quick search, and download the one you’d like. Many free apps earn money by showing ads, so expect to see a few ads pop up here and there. Usually, you can exit the ads without having to watch them. They’re a small price to pay, however, for free phone service. As long as you’re around wifi, have data, or can connect to a hotspot, you can use these apps as much as you’d like.

This method isn’t widely known, but many emailing companies offer calling and texting services. You may have to do a quick web search or reach out to your email provider’s customer support team, but chances are your email works just as good as phones.

Some email companies offer voice calling and texts right from your digital devices. Just ensure that you have some form of web connection. Other emailing services allow you to download their instant messenger, which will allow you to make calls, send instant messages, and video chat.

Pay-As-You-Go Plans
Some companies offer service plans for a very small fee. The catch: you get what you pay for.

Popular cell phone companies often have plans that will allow you to pay $3 for 30 minutes of talk or for 30 texts per day. Other places charge about $2/day for unlimited talk and texts. One of the pros to this plan is that if you go all day without talking or texting, you don’t have to pay anything; you only pay for what you use. This is a good idea for people who don’t usually use cell phones but need some minutes in case of emergencies.

Cell phones are sometimes necessary, but you don’t have to break the bank to have a plan. The alternatives to having regular cell phone bills are endless. Free apps, email services, cheap plans, and government assistance are all low-cost or no-cost ways you can get the service you need.