3 Decorative Lighting Ideas That Will Boost Your Holiday Spirit

When the holidays roll around, it’s time to bust out that cheerful and jolly mood. But that’s often hard when the holidays often accompany a lot of stress and anxiety for many people.

What gifts should you get for granny? Who’s going to bring the potatoes for the big dinner? Did I send out my holiday cards on time? These are just a few of the concerns that we end up worrying ourselves about when it’s the holidays.

This year, it’s time to relax. Let’s reduce our anxiety and stress and boost our happy holiday spirit. One of the best ways to do that is with lights. Yes, you read that correctly. You can actually get happier over the holidays when you choose the right decorative lighting ideas for your home.

1. Twinkle lights in warm white

First, just remember that no matter what religion or spirituality you are, twinkle lights can fit it! They are a great way to light a room with delicate, soft light. When it comes to choosing a color, don’y you dare try florescent purple or bright green.

Instead choose a string of twinkle lights in a warm white color. You can either use them on your tree or wreath or just put them around a door frame or on the front of your house. They also look good near mirrors as they can expand the light with reflection.

2. Soft candles

Next, consider lighting more candles this year. Candles are our most ancient form of light and one that we usually use around the holidays, but many of us only use them for so-called special occasions. There’s really no use in this as candles can be an every day decoration for your home.

For the holidays, most religions and spiritualities appreciate white or off white candles around their homes. These can be great choices because they tend to have a pure, innocent feeling about them, and that’s one of the many emotions that seems to come up around the holidays.

Consider just lighting small tea lights with cute candle holders, or purchase large candles to be placed near the fireplace or on the mantel as long as it’s not made of a flammable material.

3. Less overhead lighting altogether

Finally, one of the worse types of lighting when it comes to being grumpy is overhead lighting. This type of lighting not only makes people look drab and sad, but it can also seriously dampen your spirits.

So this year, nix the overhead lights that you’re used to using and choose lamps or track lighting with dimmers so that you control the harshness. Doing this while using more twinkle lights and soft candles will be sure to boost your holiday spirits this year.