3 Custom T-Shirt Design Trends for 2016

With each passing year, new trends emerge. Some are come backs and others are simply reworked with a new creative angle. Every design created by humans involved some degree of planning for it to actually be created. With the fast-paced waxing and waning of trends, it can be tricky trying to decide which design will work.

Forecasting T-shirt trends can be difficult task, but one thing is for sure: T-shirts are a go-to staple. This year, people will have plenty of new styles to choose from. The T-shirt market has shown an enormous amount of growth, particularly because of the new shapes silhouettes available.

Prints and graphics have made their way back into the fashion scene. They are popping up everywhere from T-shirts to outerwear. They’ve even found a place on footwear this season. Juniors and young women have become very important for retailers. They are now the point of differentiation when it comes to specific logos. Younger girls love animation and characters, but as they get older, they tend to gravitate to more mature graphic designs.

To help get your creative juices flowing, take a look below to see which new T-shirt graphic trends are gaining rave reviews this year.

This light-hearted trend is sparking excitement and is certain to capture attention with it’s whimsical sense of humor. Graphics invaded with cartoon characters add a playful, sometimes satirical twist. Comic elements are corrupting standard photographic prints and exploding in bursts of electrifying color.

Ahoy Matey
Brooding and dark buccaneers paired with mysterious deep sea encounters are setting the stage for this dark and mischievous graphic trend. Discover the murky mystery below with wrought metal anchors, krakens and seductive sirens; all of these marine symbols and more are brought together into the wondrous and eccentric world of gothic pirates exploring the depths of the unchartered sea.

DIY Urban Style
Street art reigns supreme with its infectious creativity. The urban lifestyle of millennial inner-city dwellers is the main source of inspiration for this expressive trend. From graffiti graphics to intricate, spray-paint typography, this trend is popping up across styles and genders.

Other key themes to bank on this year include coffee screens, Internet lingo and socially relevant phrases that play into the millennial lifestyle such as “Don’t Steal My Wifi”, “Eat, Sleep, Party” or “Wake up and Be Awesome”. T-shirt trends are always evolving and it’s never a bad idea to get ahead of the curve. Designers are encouraged to take what’s hot now and add a spin, test the waters and see what works. In any creative field, innovation that revitalizes current trends and revives old ones are always a hit.